PCI-DSS Compliance

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a global standard that governs how businesses and organizations handle the storing, processing and transmission of credit card information. Meeting PCI-DSS requirements can be challenging and sometimes confusing.

SPIguard can help you navigate PCI compliance requirements and become compliant in the shortest possible time. Our experienced QSAs will work with you to identify where you fall short and identify the most optimal solution that will get you compliant.

Based on our years of performing PCI on-site assessments, SPIguard has created templates for documents that you can use. Our QSAs will work with your team to ensure that all the processes and procedures are in place. This can greatly ease the compliance process by reducing the internal resources spent on reaching compliance.

The SPIGuard Way

We use a phased approach to help you with your compliance requirements:

Step 1: Evaluation

  • Evaluate operations to determine areas in scope for PCI
  • Identify gaps in compliance with PCI-DSS
  • Recommend and prioritize remediation activities
  • Provide an actionable report for remediation


Step 2: Remediation

  • Develop Policies, Standards, and Guidelines
  • Help secure networks, applications, and data
  • Provide vulnerability management solutions


Step 3: Verification

  • Ensure all policies, procedures and documentation are in place
  • Prepare the RoC, AoC, Executive Summary or SAQ
  • Submit AoC and Executive Summary to card brands and provide certificate

The SPIguard Advantage

  • Our Qualified Security Assessors understand that the compliance requirements can be difficult to meet if you are not prepared. They will work with you and help find the most optimal solutions.
  • We try and minimize the impact of on-site assessments by doing all the preparation before we get on-site. Our QSAs will make a list of what can be done off-site and what needs to be done on-site. For example, the network architecture document can be reviewed off-site, but verifying that the network diagram matches the actual architecture requires the QSA to be on-site. Minimizing on-site time reduces your cost.
  • We identify the intent of each requirement, rather than look at each as a check box that needs to be checked. This will help keep you secure in the long run.
  • Our proprietary document management system provides a central online repository of all materials related to the certification and makes re-certification easy. We provide periodic notifications for uploading materials so that you are not left scrambling at the end.