SPIguard Security Solutions Inc. QSA certification with PCI Standards Council, L.L.C.

September 09, 2007

Its official! SPIguard Security Solutions Inc. is certified with PCI SSC as a QSA!

SPIguard Security Solutions Inc. first became certified as MasterCard Intl. SDP scanning vendor in spring of 2004 under SPIguards sister company name of Strategic Profits Inc.

Certifying as a QSA was a natural progression for the overall corporate strategy, given the companies extensive hands on knowledge, expertise and experience in the online payment industry!

In the late fall of 2006 the PCI Standards Council, (LLC) took over certifying both the ASV's,scanning vendors, and the QSA's, qualified security auditors, for the mandatory payment card industry security standards program for all card association merchants worldwide!

"We are ecstatic about becoming part of the PCI SSC team of auditors dedicated to getting and keeping our payment industry secure through our holistic team orientated risk management strategies and solutions.", says CEO, Catherine Pagliaro, "Our over 13 years of cost effective, "Security First" development, implementation and monitoring of secured systems and applications will be an essential asset in assuring our clients attain and maintain a secured corporate environment without negatively impacting their bottom line!"

About the PCI Security Standards Council

The PCI Security Standards Council is an independent body formed to develop, enhance, disseminate and assist with implementation of security standards for payment account security. The PCI Security Standards Council will maintain and evolve the PCI Data Security Standard, while working to promote its broad industry adoption, and while providing the tools needed for compliance with the standard. These tools include critical documents such as audit guidelines, scanning vendor requirements, and, in a few months, a self assessment questionnaire. These functions are as important as the promulgation of the standard itself. All of the five founding members have agreed to incorporate the PCI DSS as the technical requirements of each of their data security compliance programs. Each founding member also recognizes the QSAs and ASVs certified by the PCI Security Standards Council as being qualified to validate compliance to the PCI DSS.


About the C.N. Wylie Group of Companies which includes SPIguard Security Solutions Inc.

The C.N. Wylie Group of Companies is a Canadian-based world leader in e-business and e-philanthropy solution services. Since 1994, C.N. Wylie Group's core business is the design, development and implementation of secure online solutions to aid businesses of all sizes, charities and not-for-profits in reducing their operational expenditures while increasing their revenues and client bases. At C.N. Wylie Group, security and privacy have been our number one focus. Our core technologies are proven, flexible, scaleable, and affordable. The software solutions are built and maintained to the highest security standards available today!

Our complete full service proprietary infrastructure of products and services assures our customers there is no break in the security pipeline, creating confidence and trust. Our facilities and solutions are independently audited annually to the PCI DSS mandatory requirements to assure that our systems and solutions meet and exceed the existing security regulations of our industry.
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