Security Services

SPIguard's comprehensive web application and network security services provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they are secure. Our goal is to help our clients integrate proven industry security practices into their corporate culture. Our expert security consultants will evaluate your existing security posture, identify weaknesses and strengths, come up the most effective plan that enhances your security posture and help you implement it.

Web Application Security

Web applications have become the primary vector for hackers, with more and more breaches occurring due to vulnerabilities in online applications. SPIguard can help ensure that your web applications are secure. We offer penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services that will uncover any vulnerabilities, allowing you to fix them before hackers find and exploit them. Read more about our web application security services

Network Security

It is in your best interests to protect your infrastructure and network. This where you most precious asset – data, trade secrets, etc – are stored. Hackers might be able to exploit misconfigurations of your network components or platform weaknesses to gain access to your network and steal your data. A breach can cost you dearly financially and and adversely affect your organization’s reputation. SPIguard can help you be secure. Our security consultants can perform a penetration test on your network and let you know of any vulnerabilities that may exist. You can then fix them before hackers find and exploit them. Read more about our web application security services

SPIguard Certified

Defining what a good secure application development and deployment is can be subjective. SPIguard has taken it experience performing penetration tests and compliance assessments and come up with a certification service that ensures consistency and accuracy across platforms and architectures. Read more about our SPIguard CertifiedTM service