Vulnerability Assessments

The primary objectives of a vulnerability assessment are to identify real issues, assess their risk, rectify the problem, and perform root cause analysis.

SPIGuard Security can assist you with all of these objectives. In addition to performing the vulnerability scan, we can assist you by manually validating the discovered vulnerabilities. We can help you prioritize your remediation based on threat levels, risk of compromise, and potential impact. We can also recommend solutions and help you determine the underlying causes. Identifying the root cause of vulnerabilities is key to improving the organization's overall security posture. Some common root causes include:

  • Inadequate patch management
  • Insufficient management of antivirus, spam filtering, and firewall rule sets
  • Lack of security configuration baselines
  • Poor integration of security into the system development life cycle
  • Weak security architecture
  • Inadequate incident response procedures
  • Inadequate training, both for end users and for network and system administrators
  • Lack of security policies or policy enforcement

To reduce your costs, we have developed a highly effective technique to perform both internal and external vulnerability scans without the need to dispatch consultants to your location.