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April 04, 2020: Hacker 'Ceasefire' Gets Little Traction as Pandemic Fuels Attacks

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January 01, 2020: Happy New Year! All the Best in 2020!

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June 06, 2018: WordPress Disables Plugins That Expose e-Commerce Sites to Attacks

June 06, 2018: WordPress Disables Plugins That Expose e-Commerce Sites to Attacks

May 05, 2018: Syrian President Assad Says “The Deep State” Is In Control Of America, Not Trump

May 05, 2018: Visa ‘Hackathon’ Produces a Digital Payment Tool for Small Businesses

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April 04, 2018: Researchers Analyze Servers Compromised by Russian Hackers

April 04, 2018: PCI Security Standards Council Publishes Guidelines on Cloud Computing

April 04, 2018: Digital Currency - Crypto - Is it the next big hype bustup!

April 04, 2018: CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS)

November 11, 2017: Hackers stole data of 57m people from Uber Source: By Eric Newcomer BLOOMBERG NEWS NOVEMBER 21, 2017

October 10, 2017: WPA2 Security Flaw “KRACK” Puts Wi-Fi Devices at Risk by: David Page - SecurityMetrics

February 02, 2017: Payment Processing 101: What your Nonprofit needs to Know

June 06, 2016: World Refugee Day, June 20, 2016

April 04, 2016: Cybercrime as Big Business by e as Big Business Sue Marquette Poremba - April 25, 2016

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June 06, 2015: The Right Dose of Exercise for a Longer Life By Gretchen Reynolds

April 04, 2015: Donate now for NEPAL disaster relief to Humanitarian Coalition and Wateraid

April 04, 2015: Canadian government to match donations to new Nepal earthquake relief fund - @CityNews

April 04, 2015: Input Sought On Crowdfunding Bill Of Rights By Mark Hrywna - April 10, 2015

December 12, 2014: Finally....Good news that Visa is finally going to tighten their enforcement of PCI DSS!

December 12, 2014: Crowdfunding - Multi-small gifts by people to fund one large project! by Michael Johnston of HJC

November 11, 2014: Seriously, PCI councils v.3 12.9 requirement!!! Are you kidding me!!

November 11, 2014: November 11, 2014...Remberance Day! ”Just a Common Soldier,” a poem by Lawrence Vaincourt

September 09, 2014: So is EMV the magic answer to stopping criminals???

September 09, 2014: Why all the Breaches when AIS/CISP/PCI has been around since 2001/02!!

May 05, 2014: Study: Post-breach, 30 percent of consumers would take business elsewhere. Source: Danielle Walker SC Mag

June 06, 2013: How to Tell if a Cell Phone Is Being Monitored - By Abaigeal Quinn, eHow Contributor

January 01, 2013: Visa credit card system crashed Monday afternoon, leaving Canadians to reach for their billfolds.

January 01, 2013: 10 Facts: Secure Java For Business Use by Mathew J. Schwartz

May 05, 2012: Oracle won’t patch four-year-old zero-day in TNS listener - Stephanie Wright

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June 06, 2011: Insider's view into Web application abuse: 5 phases of an attack

March 03, 2011: Japan Hit by huge Quake and Tsunami Donate: and

October 10, 2010: TJX, Heartland Hacker Convicted and gets 20 Years!

October 10, 2010: Visa and MasterCard delay chip rollout until March 31,2011! Source: CBC News

October 10, 2010: Happy Thanksgiving!

September 09, 2009: Hacker charged with Heartland, other breaches Robert Lemos, SecurityFocus 2009-08-18

July 07, 2009: RBS WorldPay and Heartland back on the validated Visa PCI DSS compliant list

April 04, 2009: PCI DSS is not design to be attained like your Girl or Boy Scout Badge

September 09, 2008: Second Annual Payment Card Industry Community Meeting - Oh What a Difference A Year Makes!

August 08, 2008: TOP 10 List of Ways to Create a “Security Culture” Within an Organization

July 07, 2008: Ted Hart launches Green Nonprofits organization

January 01, 2008: Convio Security Breach and (PCI DSS) Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards

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September 09, 2007: PCI DSS! Is The Payment Industry Serious About Getting and Keeping Itself Secure?

November 11, 2006: I’ll Take a Ticket on You Kid!

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May 05, 2006: What is Happening with My Opinion?

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